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Support The Delaware County Historical Society every time you shop

It’s true, some merchants want to help charitable organizations. Through their Rewards Programs, they commit to donating based on the amount of spending by the organization’s supporters.

As a supporter of The Delaware County Historical Society, you can help the society in two easy steps:

  1. Enroll in each program to have your spending “vote” for The Society to get more of that company’s charitable giving. Enrollment is quick and easy, and the programs cost you nothing.
  2. Remember to: use your Customer Card, link to, or mention the Rewards Program when you shop.

Your support through these merchant Rewards Programs can mean a significant contribution to The Society each year.  We thank you for your support and your contribution to keeping Delaware History Alive.

Amazon Smile - Charitable Donation - Delaware County Historical Society - Delaware OhioTo participate:

  • Go to rather than into your browser.
  • Enter your normal amazon user name and password.
  • On your first login, you will be prompted to select your charitable organization.
    Amazon Smile - Reward Program - Delaware County Historical Society - Delaware Ohio
  • In “pick your own charitable organization”, type “Delaware County Historical Society“.  A list will be returned.
    Amazon Smile - Reward Program - Delaware County Historical Society - Delaware Ohio
    My list looked like this

    Be careful. There are many organizations with that or similar names.  Be sure to select the one in Ohio.

  • Hit the “Select” button & you are done.
  • After that:  Remember when you shop at amazon, login to “” and the money will start rolling into DCHS.
Rewards Programs - Kroger - Delaware County Historical Society - Delaware Ohio
Enroll in the program (use “Organization Number” is 84793) at Kroger Community Rewards Program.
Then shop at any Kroger store or Turkey Hill Mini Market.
Please, remember that you need to renew your choice each year.