Delaware County Then And Now, an informal history.

Delaware County Then And Now, an informal history.


Delaware County, Then and Now, an Informal History, by Ray E. Buckingham.

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Published in 1978 as part of the Bicentennial Project, this is an updated history of Delaware County, Ohio by Ray E. Buckingham.

Chapters include: Up Goes the Curtain; Tales From Out of the Past; History-Makers; Towns and Villages; Colonel Byxbe’s Pride – Delaware; The Role of Religion; Emergence of Education; Higher Learning – Methodist Style; The Military – At War and at Peace; A Look at Transportation; Commercially Speaking; Lure of Gold; Words – Written and Spoken; Industrial Expansion; The Changing Agricultural Scene; Professional People/Creative Individuals; Recreation in Abundance; Fraternal Orders with a Purpose; Outlets for Civic Responsibility; For a Better Community; Odds and Ends; About the Author; Biographical Sketches, and Index.

Also includes many photographs.