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Meeker Museum – Connecting Threads

The Meeker Homestead Museum
the Delaware County Historical Society

Over the winter recess, curator Benny Shoults has created a new featured exhibit and much more to the historical Forrest Meeker 1828 Home.

The Museum Opening is Postponed
due to Covid-19 virus event ban

New Featured Exhibit: Connecting Threads

“CONNECTING  THREADS” will showcase the county’s textile history from home-crafted clothing to other homespun items early settlers would have made and used. 

The exhibit will feature a rare collection of Jacquard Loom coverlets made by a Delaware weaver in the mid-1800s. The exhibit also has Delaware County hand-made quilts dating to the 1800s.

Curator Benny Shoults with rare 200-year old loom

The main feature will be a rare 200-year old loom. The operation of the loom will be demonstrated.

Meeker Homestead Museum

Meeker House Museum - 1820s Historic Home - Delaware County Historical Society - Delaware Ohio

In Forrest Meeker’s 1820s House
2690 Stratford Road
Delaware, OH 43015
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Museum and Exhibit open Sundays only from 2pm – 5pm

Re-Opening To Be Scheduled

Volunteer Docent - Meeker Homestead Museum - Delaware County Historical Society - Delaware Ohio

Volunteer Docents are available during open hours to guide and assist visitors, as well as answer questions.

Benny Shoults - Meeker Homestead Museum -  Foyer - Straford a Mill Town Exhibit

Benny Shoults, curator of the Meeker Homestead Museum

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Early Spinning making thread on antique devices. Thread is woven to make fabric. Thread sews fabric pieces together making garments.

The Museum and Exhibit are free and open to the public. There will be an opportunity to make a donation, which will help defray the expenses.

For more information, please call the society at 740-369-3831, ext. 3., or email director@DelawareOhioHistory.org.

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